You’ve got unlimited ambition, but limited time… and energy.


Mind-Body Coaching to help you prioritize, organize and strategize a life that fills you up without burning you out.

Maybe you’ve been caught in the thought-loop of “what if things get better? Maybe if I work harder, get a new productivity app… plus I feel so guilty for leaving my team”.


Maybe you’ve tried waiting it out, seeing if things improve, hoping you’ll feel better or snap out of it.

When you feel like you’re putting out fires all the time, everywhere, it’s almost impossible to see clearly through the smoke. Oh, and that smoke? It’s coming from you! You’re burning out.

How’s the tolerating going?

But where do you even start?

A new job?

A promotion?

A different company?

Starting your own business?

Quitting everything and moving to Belize? (Is that an option?)

Hi, I’m Janelle Woo,


recovering overachiever, people-pleaser, and box-checker (I checked a lot of the boxes of conventional success, I bet you have too).


I coach high-achievers with big hearts who want to be excited about and inspired by their work, love their lives, and feel aligned with their values.


I’ve been there too and even when I’d achieved allthethings, I felt like I was stuck in a box.  #BoxLife 


So when I realized that I still wasn’t happy or fulfilled even after checking all the boxes… it came as a shock. I’d done everything right according to everyone I’d ever met. 


Why wasn’t I blissed out?

I needed a change - a lot of changes - but the most significant change was to stop listening to everyone else, and start learning how to listen to myself. And (harder!) to trust what I heard.

But first, you’ve got to get out of survival mode.

(That feeling of anxiety, confusion, frustration, exhaustion, wanting to run away from work and join the circus? That’s survival mode.)


You may be here because you’re just wondering whether you should quit your job and start your own business. You may not think you need to do deep inner work. That’s cool… but...


Let me tell you from experience: To know which change to make, you have to learn to listen to your body and emotions, not just your brain. That’s how you get to clarity.


That’s how you know when one choice is right for you and the other isn’t.

This requires checking your body (not the boxes), and using your body to create new habits, behaviors, boundaries and beliefs.


Change starts below the neck (I know - it blew my mind too).

"Janelle helped me put my crayons back in the box"

- Coachee

What is it like

Listen, if you are 100% happy with your life and have no problems, congrats! No need to read further.


And if you aren’t 100% happy with your life, but it’s 100% someone else’s fault, this isn’t for you either.


But, if you know that you’ve been going full-steam ahead on someone else’s tracks, and are ready to choose your own direction…


  • If you need support to make changes that won’t make everyone happy (Hi Mom!)...


  • If you have a big heart, feel your best when you’re helping others, are interested in social change and making the world a better place…


  • If you are DONE checking other people’s boxes and done cramming yourself into boxes that don’t fit…


  • If you are ready to grow, change, explore the possibilities, or just get the hell out of where you are now…

Then we should talk.


Grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk about the Big Things

Life, work, love, values, changes


What Mind-Body Coaching looks like:


We’ll do 45-60 minute coaching sessions twice a month, tackling:


  • Making conscious decisions, like “should I stay or should I go”?

  • Career growth and leadership coaching, so your work grows in a way that’s aligned with your values and needs.

  • Whole-person coaching - building awareness of your stories, beliefs, and ways you tend to avoid uncomfortable feelings so you can fully choose who you want to be and what you want to do moving forward.

  • New business / startup / non-profit coaching - with values-driven strategy and accountability.

  • Mindset and somatic coaching to stop people-pleasing patterns and other lizard-brain behavior that keeps you stuck in the proverbial box.

Quick Q&A

What will I get?

You get a partner, a sounding board, a cheerleader, a mirror, an accountability partner, plus space, time, and attention.  It all depends on what you want and how much you're willing to put in.  Are you tired of doing it alone?

What is your style?

My style is about authentic connection, fun, creativity, and some magic!  I deeply believe in being compassionate, which feeds into my commitment of embracing the human experience. 

Do we have to be in the same city?

No.  Although I am based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I use Zoom, video conferencing, to coach all around the world.  I've had coachees from Canada, USA, and Europe!

What are some coaching topics?

Anything and everything that you want movement on.  Coaching considers you as a whole person (none of this professional vs personal you).  I've coached: life purpose, relationships, career choices, sabotaging habits, mindsets and more!

Our goal in our work together is to help you tune into your needs, truths and genuine desires so you can move forward in your career and make choices that lead to feeling like you’ve won the Great Life Lottery.


Isn’t that what you’ve been working so hard for?


Isn’t it time you got it? 


Hell yes.

Impatient and love efficiency, like me?  

Let’s just dive into coaching - and your first one is free with no strings.  


Worst case scenario: you get to vent and gain awareness of what you are looking for.  

Best case: insight fireworks, connection, fun and laughs for free and no pressure or guilt after!

A Little Woo Fact

My high school grad quote was “I’m not a potty mouth, really”... which was a lie then, and it’s a lie now. But, I have toned it down since I’ve had kids, so you may hear things like “poopy doopy” rather than “awwww, shit!”