Welcome to Pop-Up Coaching - an event where two coaches host impromptu one-on-one coaching sessions for people who want to personally and professionally grow; offering a taste of coaching without any commitment.

Coaching is a transformative process where we work with individuals as the experts in their own life towards increased awareness, action, performance, and resonance within life.  As coaches, we believe that people are naturally creative and resourceful, and we bring skills that help you tap deeper into your own wisdom and motivation.  

pop up

When: Thursday, March 19, 2020

Where: Gravity Cafe Inglewood - 909 10 St SE, Calgary, AB

Time: Sessions are 20-25 minutes long every half hour between 9:30am - 3pm

Cost: $5* - you will receive a $5 gift card to Gravity when you arrive

Style: Connection, Creativity, Magic

Specializes in: Business start up, entreprenuers, career transitions


Style: Imaginative, embodied, and mindful

Specializes in: Leadership, relationships, and social change

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* Please note that $5 payment will need to be via e-transfer to: cedarmountaincoaching@gmail.com.  Bookings that we do not receive payment within 2 hours will be cancelled to ensure room for others.  

Can't make Pop-Up, but want to try coaching?

Please use the Contact Form if you'd like to arrange for coaching that might suit your schedule better.  Or subscribe, in the Contact Form, to keep in the loop for future coaching events.

What do I deeply want?

What do I deeply want?

Where am I feeling stuck?

What do I deeply want?

Where do I want to grow?