Welcome to the non-mastermind mastermind.  

What the heck is a mastermind?  A mastermind is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their business problems with input and advice from the other group members (here's an article on why join a mastermind). 

But this is not the regular way of ‘find the most successful person in your niche and copy them!’  Heck no.  There’s a bunch of us who aren’t content to follow the advice of any old business coach.  We are seekers and creators. Put us together, and we won't just spend an hour gabbing, we'll start a revolution!

This group is meant for creative entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, and most importantly cultural creatives - people who don't just own their business, but people who are pushing the edge of how to creatively run and grow their business to align more true to who they are and their values.   

What you’re getting is a curated group of business creatives, like yourself, who can help expand your ideas of what business "should" be. Challenging all of the shoulds. Because that's what WE DO!  

And in my typical "I can't follow how everyone does it", I'm adding a twist of learning, self-awareness, discussion, and design.


You can't be "in the box"

You tend to be the one who doesn't follow others, you're creative and love being unique.  You like variety, traveling, and the positive space of possibilities.  You've discovered your own truths your own way.

You like learning about yourself, you want to be self-aware, you're open, and willing to understand and accept.  You want to be conscious of the choices you make.

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You want to muster the courage to move forward, you can act in the face of fear.  You want your business to grow, and make an impact. You want a group to try things with, and you want accountability partners.

You're looking for community, and you like to connect with vulnerability.  You believe in lifting others, and you want to share your gifts.  You're open to feedback in healthy relationships, and you're ready to engage - putting in what you want to get out!

You like discovering things about yourself

You value gumption

You crave connection


  • Common marketing advice feeling icky 

  • Not being able to balance grunt work with creative time

  • Not focusing on what you want, but rather what holds you back/imposter syndrome

  • Not feeling happy despite being "successful"

  • Can't figure out what your next step is to grow

  • Not knowing if your target market will like your new product/service/package

  • Not feeling motivated or accountable

  • Feeling alone while being a solopreneur

  • Finding personal development opportunities

  • Feeling unheard/unseen/undervalued

What you'll get

  • inspiration

  • a feeling of connection and community

  • ideas, resources, and networking connections

  • an outlet to share ideas, hear thoughts, and get wisdom

  • cheerleaders and accountability buddies

  • forward action in your business

  • myself - a facilitator, business coach, and rebel guide

What it looks like

  • weekly 60 minute get togethers

  • small intimate group meeting on Zoom

  • first half is learning and discussion

  • second half is business spotlight - focus on a business challenge 

  • for four consecutive weeks with the possibility to continue

  • meeting dates: November 16th, November 24, November 30, December 7 at 12:30pm PST/1:30pm MST

What is the cost?

To be honest, this is a prototype for me, I'm jumping in the pool and launching!  I want to honor my time and your willingness to go along for the ride.  For this first iteration the cost is $100 for 4 weeks.  That's just a bit more than a yoga session, and I hope that these sessions help your business so you're able to get a return on your investment!


If cost is an issue, please let me know.  I'm happy to discuss and find something that we can both agree to.  

And to make it even more low risk: I will give you a refund if you decide that it's not for you after the first session.

Here's the part where you get to co-create this - I need your help to determine:

1. how you and others may be a good fit.  There is an application process so I can best determine commitment, and matching of strengths and opportunities.  With the application process, I will have a Zoom chat with you where we get to talk about what you're looking for and how the mastermind can work for you.

2. what format and topics we cover - through the application and interview process, I hope to glean some common opportunities to tackle so we can cover as much ground as possible.  In addition, I want to hear what format would be most helpful to you.

3. what happens after week 4 - we'll take a break after 4 weeks, share feedback, and see if we're on the right track and tweak to bring more value.

Next steps:

Unfortunately, the current mastermind is closed for applications.  Please do contact me if you'd be interested in participating in a future mastermind.


Have questions?  Contact me!