Build your business and career from the inside out

Hello, I'm Janelle.  I am a coach for creative people, who want to build a business or career to be personally fulfilling and create social change.


I imagine that you’re here because you’re feeling unfulfilled professionally.  You are burnt out and overwhelmed.  If you’ve “made it”, you might have a strong imposter voice that keeps you working late, or surprised that you still don’t feel happy.  Maybe you’re stuck in a toxic job or business that you don’t feel seen or heard - invisible and alone.  You might have a side-job, a business you really want to run full time, but you don’t know where to start and you’re not sure how to get there.  Mix in second guessing yourself, reconciling who you “should be” and who you are, and overall feeling stuck.  When are you going to feel joy, enough, and at peace?  I know, I was there, over and over again.



That mindset matters, and you could reprogram what’s holding you back into unleashing your best self in full force?

A life changing event happened, and I was introduced to 12-step and therapy – yes, shit hit the fan for me.  But it forced me to look at myself mentally, and see that I needed some hard core rewiring of what was my beliefs, values, habits, and truths.  With coaching, I gained awareness and the more I had, the more choice, and the more I was willing to live in the present and really feel joy.  This translated to me being willing to take more risks, having the courage to be myself, and pursuing my own coaching business.


As a coach, I am able to help you:

  • Find your own truths and beliefs (your brand)

  • Connect and trust yourself in the present moment

  • Be aware and accept your gremlins (without them taking over)

  • Make conscious choices and break old habit patterns

  • Find your community so you can have your best day job

  • Take the next steps with confidence and accountability

My back ground in business and non-profits will help me mentor you in:

  • How to start a non-profit (especially in Canada)

  • Business strategy 101

  • Job search and resume writing


From a place of being confident, empowered, and grounded – here is where you make your mark.  You will have the clarity and courage to level up in your career or make your side-job your full time business.  This is the first step to having the energy, grace, and joy when working toward helping others and making social change.


Book a chat.  I love meeting people in my world and chatting about the cool work that they do.  No pressure.  Feel free to vent, dream, ask questions, or ask for help, I’m here.

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"...her skillful use of imagery and thoughtful questions, Janelle had the uncanny ability to lead me to epiphanies and insights that were solution focussed."

—  Karen, Executive Director