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You are here for a reason: you're stuck, a little lost, and could use some support getting clear, and moving toward what you really want.


You're in the right place. 

If you're ready to dive in, please fill out an intake form and read the Coaching Terms and Agreements.

Still not sure?  Check out this Readiness Checklist.  

A primary factor that influences the effectiveness of coaching is your readiness to be coached.  In other words, coaching is not a learning strategy that will be effective for everyone at every stage of their life or career. This form is designed to support you in determining if this is the right time for you to engage in the services of a coach.

For each of the following statements, answer: Low, Medium, or High

I anticipate that I will derive value from coaching

My level of motivation for change and development is

I am willing to engage in honest & candid conversation

I am willing to collaborate and build rapport with my coach

I am willing to feel and be aware of my feelings and body sensations

I want to hear frank feedback designed to support my development

I expect that my underlying assumptions will be challenged

I am willing to experiment with new behaviours and approaches

I am willing to invest time in working with a coach and engaging in related development assignments between coaching sessions

My level of commitment is....

If you responded Low or Medium on any statement, it's great to be aware, and what additional information do you need to enhance your readiness?