Hi, I'm Janelle 

I’m here to help people who ARE successful, FEEL successful.

Because what's the point in working your ass off if you don’t feel like you’re winning?

I grew up in a classic immigrant Chinese family: where money, smarts, and status rule all.  I became an over-achieving, people-pleasing, perfectionist, always trying to make my parents proud.  My happily ever after was about finding a job (and a husband) and working to climb the corporate ladder so I could be that PH.B (power hungry bitch).  I wanted a job title that was fun to flaunt, the power to make or break people, and money for a wardrobe straight from Banana Republic.


Turns out I was never going to be a PH.B because I actually love nurturing things and helping others.  I had made it as the Manager of Programs at the Calgary Homeless Foundation, managing a multimillion dollar budget to fund housing programs for people experiencing homelessness - amazing!  I loved telling people about the work that I did, but I was working my @ss off to keep up the facade that I was happy and had it all. 

Really, I was driven by my fear of not being enough and

the need to prove my worth.


I tolerated anxiety over making mistakes, working late, feeling out of control, and second guessing every decision.  I played small, took no risks, and had little confidence.  


All the while my body kept the score. We were trying to have a family and I had 2 miscarriages… FAILURE! FAILURE!  (At least, that’s how I felt.)


I finally quit because I had to choose between my family or my job. 


Jobless, I spiraled into an identity crisis.  I fell into a depression and felt broken. After a lot of reflection, processing, and resting… I finally became pregnant and had my son, and eventually a daughter. 

After having babies I decided to finally prioritize myself first (I know, so selfish!) and pursue my dream job of being a coach.  But this was not a traditional career. 


Isn’t this witch craft or a ponzi scheme? 


I was second guessing and had so much self doubt… that I consulted a psychic (what would my mom say?)  The psychic told me that I will do great things... as long as I trust my gut and stop over-thinking.


Well, she nailed that.

Through coaching, I peeled back the bullshit layers… they’re really the limiting beliefs that make up the walls of the box that I put myself in.

The box, a safe and comfortable place, kept my focus looking outward for my happiness and value — at what other people thought, what I owned and achieved, and what I did for others. 


The thing is, the box is seductive. It promises you acceptance, love and success, and it delivers. I succeeded in school, sports and work. And as long as I listened to the experts, did what I was told and worked hard, everything would be fiiiiine…


As I adulted, I started to feel the lid of my box keeping me in and keeping me small.  I always felt like I was missing something, some secret to being happy in life.  I would go to therapy and could understand how I felt so busted, but had no idea how to “fix” it.  I read self help books, but they didn’t quite fit me.  I would switch jobs every year to see if I could find something better, but each organization had its flaws.  I tried trainings and workshops but the one-size-fits-all approach never really stuck.  And then I realized...  


I’d been totally neglecting looking inward at myself. 

Ok, this is all getting a little Woo (which is me),

so let me segue into a bit of magic.


Growing up, I learned that the only thing that mattered was above my neck: yes, mainly my brain.  Logic, rationalizing, and being the smartest was the most important thing in my family.  


As I started coaching I noticed some clients who logically knew what to do next… but would never do it!  I couldn’t understand why until I started taking somatic coaching courses: incorporating our body into the experience of who we are.  


It opened my eyes to how humans really work; that traumas and memories are stored in our bodies, and how we can use our bodies to help us break habits, make sustainable changes, and experience more of life.  It’s led to some of the most profound transformations that I’ve seen in myself and in my clients.

So let me tell you from experience: SCREW THE BOX.


I am here to offer you a red or blue pill: Red that you’ve been accepted to Hogwarts, or Blue - you have to tell Gandalf that he has to take that ring to Mordor by himself.  Yes, I realize I mixed three awesome stories there, and my only regret is I couldn’t fit in four. 

The point is: You are meant for something greater than the box.

Because you’ll never find the life you’re meant to live, the one that fills you up, the one you can’t wait to wake up to in the box. It isn’t there.

I’m not going to say that life outside the box is sunshine and lollipops.  Life still has it’s lows, but my ability to have awareness, acceptance and compassion, curiosity, and wisdom has made my life more like living than surviving.  

And I get to pursue what makes me feel alive: helping other people to break open their own boxes and stretch themselves into all kinds of amazing possibilities.

Take the first step out of the box with a free mind and body coaching session, no strings attached. 


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My Credentials

I am a trained Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), certified Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaches Federation (ICF), and completed over 25 hours of Somatic Coach training through Coaches Rising whose instructors are from the Strozzi Institute of Embodied Leadership and other leaders in somatic coaching.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary Business School, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  I have spent over 10 years in the non-profit sector as a program manager and consultant.


Little Woo Facts

My happy place is outside amidst lush foliage.  Think West Coast.  I also love succulents; they’re my level of maintenance (low), with so many varieties, and so much symmetry.

I love being creative and artistic.  I like to paint when I can, craft with my kids, knit socks for my husband, and practice pottery when I have access to a studio!  You’ll notice in my coaching that I’m pretty visual and love analogies.